Tips: Shopping Parabal Gurung Collection for Target

As a lover/fanatic of all things Target and especially their Go International designer collaborations, I was cautiously excited when they announced their latest collaboration with Parabal Gurung (Link: Lookbook).  After experiencing some dissapointment in the last few collaborations, I tried not to get my hopes up.  Based on the photos released, the pieces did not disappoint!  The designs are fresh, colorful and modern which is exactly what we expect from Parabal Gurung's designer collection.

Time after time, I am finding it increasingly difficult to snag some of these pieces from these collaborations.  I'm still reeling from coming up empty handed from the Missoni collabo (no exaggeration!).   True story: The Missoni collabo caused Target's website to crash (Story: Link ). 

Given that the fashionistas are buzzing over this latest collabo, I have a feeling that it will sell out very quickly!   So here are my tips for those of you interested in snagging a few pieces:

Before Sale:

1.  Review entire lookbook and create a wishlist of your must have pieces along with runner up options. (Link: Lookbook)

2.  The sales always launch on a Sunday and this one is no exception.  The sale launches Sunday Feb 10, BUT mark Saturday Feb 9 as a reminder in your calendars so you can stay up to midnight or later in order to get the best selection! 

3. If you don't have a target account, sign up for one in advance of the launch and fill out the details including your payment and shipping details.  This will save you time when checking out.  Trust me every minute counts!  (I realize I sound crazy!!!)

Game Day:

4. Sometimes when you get on the main target website there is no active link yet for the collaboration.  So use the search function on the Target website or just google search it (Don't ask-just trust me this has worked for me before).

5.  Since your items are not guaranteed unless you check out, focus on the one or two items you want the most and then check out right away.  This way you have your must have items and then go back for your other options.  Don't be greedy and try to buy everything because by the time you get to your shopping cart some items may be sold out already!   I equate this to evacuating a burning building, I will likely grab my Chanel bag first then go back for anything else.


P.S- If you can't be bothered to stay up late, check back with me after February 22nd as I may have a few pieces up for sale.