Bamboo Hair Treatment- Restore Strength and Less Frizz! #bamboo #alfaparf #hair #admasm

Much like many other women, I am always trying new hair products and treatments in search of "the one".   A few weeks ago, my hairdresser suggested that I try a bamboo treatment to help repair my color damaged hair and to help reduce the frizz (those who live in a warm and humid climate can relate!).  I decided to give it a shot and I am happy with the results!  My hair is: Softer, Less Frizzy, and has More Shine.  She recommends the treatment to be done once a month but that will vary by person. 

Bamboo is gaining increased popularity in hair care products.  The selling point is that bamboo contains silicon, which is crucial for hair health since it helps to restore the mineral salts in damaged or weakened cells as well as hair strength and elasticity.

Here is a Link to a video demonstration of the treatment process.  Alfaparf Milano is the brand that my hair dresser, Lia used at George Carvalho Salon (Link).

Alfaparf Milano USA - Midollo Di Bamboo Bio Thermal Filler Reconstruction Treatment