Avoid being a Casual Friday Casualty #casualfriday #fashion #admasm

We all look forward to Friday, TGIF!  Some of us work in an office environment that has a Casual Friday dress day.  Some people approach Casual Friday as if they had a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” from their employer’s dress code policy, not so!  

I look at Casual Friday as a Mullet - Business as usual on the top and party on the bottom (ie. jeans).  If you are a petite woman like myself you have to be careful about appearing too casual and compromising your professional appearance by looking "too young".

Here are my tips on how to look professional and chic for Casual Friday:


1.   Wear polished looking denim and tailor, if necessary.

2.   Press your clothes.

3.   Clean day makeup, this is work after all, and not a nightclub!

4.   Wear a camisole if your blouse is on the sheer side.  (Side story: I recently saw a girl wearing a completely sheer top with her bra showing…..NO!)

5.   You can have some fun with a statement necklace but use your discretion.  I generally avoid wearing chandelier style earrings to work.


1.   No sneakers or sandals.

2.   No ripped, faded or "loud" jeans eg. Studs, embellishment, etc.

3.   Avoid sloppy attire.

4.   Avoid showing cleavage.