Style Transformation.....Drab to Fab #drabtofab #fashion #admasm

It's always fascinating to me how celebrities can transform themselves, so why can't we?   Years ago if someone asked me whether Jessica Simpson or Nicole Richie would have fashion empires I would have laughed at them, but now here we are and they have totally transformed themselves.  

In the real world, we all can't hire a stylist and we don't have a million dollar budget so here is a practical approach to transforming your style:

1.  Evaluate your body type.

2. Research what type of clothes look best on your body type and skin tone.  

3. Evaluate your closet and determine the gaps.  

4. Fit, fit, fit!  Some of your pieces may just need some tailoring.

5. Invest in purchasing a few staple pieces, now this may vary depending on your lifestyle.  If you work in an office, then a couple of dresses are a wonderful way to look chic and easily transition into the evening.  

6. Re-evaluate your hair style.  Instyle has a wonderful Hollywood Makeover Tool where you can virtually try on different hair style and see what suits you.

7.  Groom yourself regularly, set aside time throughout the week.