Tales of a Skincare Junkie: Eye Cream Dilemma #admasm #skincare #eyecream #roc #omorovicza

Chapter 3.....After I apply the toner my next is applying eye cream. Now this is the one area where I don't think I have found "the one". I have tried a few and some give me small pumps especially ones that have Hydroquinone which is essentially a skin lightener that is supposed to diminish dark circles.  

For the last year, I have been using RoC Eye Correxion Cream. I can't tell if it has been doing the trick but I haven't had an allergic reaction so that's why I continue to use it.   A friend of mine has recommended Omorovicza which is a Hungarian brand carried at Neiman Marcus-  this will be my next experiment.  

if you have any recommendations for eye creams that target dark circles and wrinkles, please let me know!!